Intuitive people analytics, self-manageable online. delivers a suite of intuitive tools that enable data-driven solutions
for hiring, onboarding, talent management & learning & development.

  • Hiring & Onboarding

    • Smarter, data-driven hiring decision around cultural fit.
    • Increase the probability of successful hires.
    • Improve employee engagement and awareness, enabling greater cultural understanding.
  • Smarter L&D

    • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your people; enabling targeted and cost effective L&D with enhanced results.
  • Talent Analytics

    • Understand how your people work and how best to manage them.
    • Improve employee retention.
    • Optimise teams - increase harmony and leverage synergies of individual capabilities.

In a competitive business environment, achieving alignment between people is the difference between success and failure.


Predict how candidates will fit within your team.

Good hiring starts with understanding your existing team and what is missing.

  • Each team member completes the questionnaire
  • automatically analyses your team and identifies gaps and blind spots
  • gives you a prediction on which candidates will best fit into your team

Clearly define who you are looking for.

Remove subjectivity and make consistent hiring decisions. helps you remove the uncertainty and subjectivity that’s inherent in hiring. First we take you through a structured process that helps you to clarify which personality traits you should be looking for in a candidate, and then make it simple for you to test candidates and arrive at an objective, consistent hiring decision.

Go beyond the CV and interview.

Understand how people are likely to behave and how they will fit in, not just what they’ve done.

A CV tells you what a person has done, but not what they are like. Get deep candidate insight from and take role and team fit into consideration during the hiring process. Make hiring decisions that align with your vision and help create a culture that your employees love, celebrate and won’t want to leave.

Send a modern, positive image to candidates.

Hiring is not just about picking the right candidate, it is also about leaving a good impression with candidates you reject.

Candidates will form their opinion about your company at the application stage. With you show that you value individuality and embrace digital technology. Even if you can’t take every application forward, with you can give every candidate a creative and thoughtful journey of self-discovery.

Candidates who are selected on the basis of cultural fit contribute faster, perform better and stay longer.


The foundation for targeted learning and development is being aware of individual strengths and weaknesses

Unlock potential with our next-generation psychometric tools

Accurate and engaging identification of strengths and stretch areas. uses advanced psychometrics to identify a range of personality preferences. The system achieves accurate results in under 15min, significantly less than any other top-of-the-range personality test. Even better - a diverse range of questions combined with a carefully optimized experience will keep employees engaged.

Interactive visual reports. produces several major personality inventories from a single questionnaire: Scientific factor model, Jungian personality type and teamrole preferences are all beautifully visualised in interactive charts.

Smart Learning and Development.

Create development plans based on personal or professional focus areas. introduces a novel core, comfort and stretch trait development framework that is easy to understand, and can be easily facilitated by managers, L&D staff and coaches. The new, improved model is introduced alongside established personality frameworks, providing extra resources to professionals with previous training in the field.

Sharing work preferences with each other.

Employees can share their profile snapshots with each other, to foster trust and enhance the quality of interactions.