Support your students in their professional development and career-readiness journey.

Smart platform that brings all elements of career-readiness and professional development together. Build professional development engagement (CPD) into the student experience the moment students arrive.


Smart career-readiness and CPD technology

  • Beyond degrees...

    A degree is no longer enough. Creativity, emotional intelligence, collaboration skills, entrepreneurial thinking, a global outlook.. are just a few of the attributes graduates need to succeed in the modern workplace.

  • Career readiness is now part of education.

    One of the main reasons students choose to study at university is to enhance their career prospects. Career readiness is about supporting students to develop a range of knowledge, skills, behaviours, attributes and attitudes which will enable them to be successful not just in employment, but in life.

  • Continuous professional development builds career readiness.

    Career readiness is the sum of all the learning, social experience, support received, skills developed and guidance gained by a student during their degree. Becoming career ready takes time.

  • How technology helps students is a powerful platform for education providers to guide their students’ professional development. Engage students in your support offering and increase their ability to pursue a satisfying career.

Potentially is an exciting new online system that can help students drive their personal development. The team at Potentially has bright and innovative ideas that relate to the needs and aspirations of the modern student and help to make personal development and employability activity interesting, fun and rewarding. Professor Gunter Saunders
Internet and Education Technology Services, University of Westminster

How connects
Personal Development with Employability

  • For students

  • Identify your development needs

    Identify your strength and development area across 23 traits.

  • Engage in CPD

    Discover resources and events at your institution, personalised for you. Your activities and reflection automatically build up your profile.

  • Reflect & Build

    Reflect on activities, and build evidence towards career readiness.

  • Share and Showcase

    Share your progress and turn it into a professional profile.

  • For staff

  • Get to know students and provide personalized advice

    Use data-driven insights to direct students in their CPD and career readiness journey.

  • Add resources and build engagement for events and CPD resources

    Direct students to events resources and activities at your institutions, tailored to their development needs.

  • Awards

    Set up Awards programs for Graduate Attributes and make it easy for students to evidence activity through light gamification.

  • Reporting

    Measure and track development of career readiness across cohorts.

Powerful technology, customized to your institution


Ask us about customizing the platform to your institution's Graduate Attributes Framework.

Ask us how to integrate Potentially into your wider solutions from your student record systems, learning management system to student HEAR records and e-portfolios.

One place to engage in personal and employability development

  • edu

    Start with identifying personal strengths and stretch areas.

    • Highly accurate scientific personality indicator helps students to get a stronger awareness of their strengths and ‘stretch’ areas across twenty-three traits.
  • Discover resources, events and activities for your career readiness - tailored to your needs

    • Data-driven learning prompts guide students in developing graduate attributes.
    • Discover opportunities across campus, online, training, Moocs, events, volunteering, etc .
  • My experience doing the Firewalk

    On 2nd March I participated in a Firewalk organised by the Careers department. Here is what I learned about myself, the limits of what i thought is achievable and how this is influencing my thinking on what vocation to pursue...

    Reflect and build evidence towards career readiness

    • Add your own activities and map them against the attribute framework.
    • Reflect on your activity and learn how to articulate what sets you apart.
  • Track your progress, and earn an Award

    • Track your personal growth and earn career readiness/ employability Awards.
  • My experience doing the Firewalk

    Add to my Webfolio

    Showcase achievements and build professional identity.

    • Showcase all your activity, attended events, officially recorded extra-curricular activity through a simple webfolio.

Potentially challenges our students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, perhaps for the first time. We see this early learning point as providing them with a stimulus for further personal growth that can be nurtured through tutors and colleagues. From Luke Millard
Head of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

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